Welcome to Nuevo Eco – where sustainability meets multifunctional coating technology.

Innovative Solutions for Your Unique Needs

Coating Solutions

Our Multi-functional Coatings

At Nuevo Eco, we offer customizable coatings that can be stacked according to your industries requirements. Whether you need water repellent, anti-dust, UV protective, UV reflective, or any of our other specialized chemistries, our research and development department is committed to creating a custom solution.

Extended Longevity

sustainable value

Our high-performing chemistries ensures your coating retains its protective and aesthetic qualities.

Superior Adhesion

efficiency and longevity

Our chemistries provide the best possible adhesion, regardless of the substrate you use.

Flexible Application

a solution that fits your needs

We design coatings for every industry application process. Contact us for a consultation.

White Label

White Label Opportunities

Partner to create and market your own coatings to complete the vertical integration of your company.

Nuevo Eco

Versatile Coating Solutions

Welcome to Nuevo Eco – where sustainability meets multifunctional coating technology. Explore our diverse range of eco-friendly coatings, engineered for various applications while prioritizing environmental responsibility.


Quality, from product to customer service

At Nuevo Eco we are committed to providing industries with the highest quality coatings and cleaners, offering exceptional coatings with an emphasis on environmental sustainability.

Unmatched Quality

the best performance and durability.

 With the most rigorous QC standards in the industry, you can be confident your brand will reflect high quality and performance.

Exceptional Value

superior quality-to-price ratio

Our pursuit of excellence ensures a superior quality-to-price ratio, offering the best value in the market.


ensuring safety, sustainability, and quality

Upholding strict adherence to REACH, RoHS, EPA guidelines, and ISO 9001 quality management standards.

Certification and Standards

Certification and Standards

Compliance with regulations such as the European Union's REACH and the United States' Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)

Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our priority

Trust us to deliver chemistries that have the highest quality standards in place to increase the value of your and your customers investment.

Labeling and Documentation

accurate and comprehensive labeling

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), Technical Data Sheet (TDS,) Certificate Of Analysis (COA,) product labels and application instructions...

Advanced Chemistries

Advanced Chemistries for Superior Coatings

At Nuevo Eco, we blend science with technology to deliver unparalleled coating solutions. The heart of our operations lies in the chemistries we employ, each carefully chosen to impart unique attributes to our coatings. We use diverse chemistries which allow us to provide coatings that are durable, effective, and tailored to your specific needs.


Exceptional Durability

Renowned for its superior durability and resistance to environmental degradation.


Impact Resistance and Elasticity

Ensures product resistance damage, self-healing, and retains their aesthetic appeal.


High-Performance and UV Resistant

Can be cured with UV radiation to provide excellent abrasion resistance and adhesion to a host of substrates.  


Rapid Curing and Resilience

Rapid curing contributes to the resilience of our coatings, ensuring they maintain optimal integrity.


Strength and Adhesion

Epoxy is one of the most durable coatings for concrete, wood, metal and plastics


Fast-Set and Corrosion Resistance

its fast ambient cure nature and excellent corrosion resistance ensures rapid application and long-lasting protection.